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      CHINA-PEC2015 NEWS

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      Dear Sir or Madam :  

      Jointly sponsored by China International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, SinoPec, PetroChina, CPPIA (China Plastics Processing Industry Association), CPMIA (China Plastics Machine Industry Association) and Taizhou Municipal Government, The 14th China Plastics Exhibition & Conference (Abbreviation: PEC) and will be held at Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition Center ,Luqiao Zhejiang Province China from 21th -24th Sept,2015.

      Taizhou is the plastic products manufacturing and distributing center in China. Taizhou is also one of the biggest cosuming place for plastics raw material and it’s the key sales area for plastic machine,moulds and raw material factories.There are more than 10,000 plastics manufacturers, 2,000 mould manufacturing enterprises and more than 30,000 pieces of injection equipment with a total staff of more than 200,000 in Taizhou. Plastics raw materials consumed in the plastics industry in Taizhou amounted to over 4 million tons In 2014, roughly 10% of the total amount in China. The annual output value of plastics industrial reached 46.5 billion and 60% of chinese daily-use plastic products were produced in Taizhou.

      China Plastics Exhibition & Conference is an established exhibition brand in China since 2001 and this year, the 15th China Plastics Exhibition & Conference will have 1,600 booths with a total exhibition area of 35,000 square meters and It is a showcase for all the elements of the industry, such as plastic products, raw materials, machines, mould, and dies related technologies.It is the only exhibition in the plastics industry supported by the Ministry of Commerce of China since 2005. Started from a regional exhibition, China PEC has grown up to be a prestigious national exhibition and it has become a business platform that attracted more and more global buyers from all of world.


      We sincerely invite you to China PEC’2015 and Hope We two can cooperate with each other soon.


      E-mail: [email protected]



      Brief introduction of Taizhou Plastics Industry

      Taizhou Plastics Industry

      Taizhou(the place that China PEC to be held) is the birthplace of Chinese shareholding economy and as well one of the key manufacture bases of Zhejiang. It has currently formed its massive economy and industry assemblage with local characteristics. 

      Top 10 Pillar Industries in Taizhou: plastics and dies, household appliances,vehicle fittings, medicinal chemicals, clothing machines, pumps and valves, craftworks and gifts, foodstuff processing, footwear, caps and apparels, electric power .


      Taizhou-“Kingdom of plastic products”

      ※ In Taizhou, enterprises in the plastic industry are more than 10,000, and their annual sales reach 40 billion RMB.


      ※ The annual output of the plastic products and accessories amounted to 8 million tons in 2014, which took 66% of the national market possession rate.


      ※ Situated in the China Daily-Necessities Metropolis, the plastic products market, covering an area of 15,000 square meters, owning near 1000 stalls in which more than 10,000 kinds of products are on show, is the largest national plastic products distributing center with the most abundant products and lowest price.


      Taizhou--"Hometown of Moulds"

      In Taizhou,There are more than 2,000 mould manufacturers, totally owning more than 8000 mould manufacturing equipments.The total output value produced by these manufacturers in 2014 reached 9  billion yuan(USD1.5 billion) .


      The price of plastic moulds manufactured in Taizhou is comparatively lower, which is only 10 percent of that of the same kinds of moulds manufactured in other countries.


      Eleven sets of moulds were granted "National importance New Products Certificate" by State Economic & Trade Commission, PRC; seventy four sets of moulds were awarded "National Excellence" by China Die & Mould Industry Association; forty two sets of moulds were proved to have reached "International Level" by specialists of Technology Committee of China Die & Mould Industry Association, which counted 42% of the total.


      Huangyan district was granted the title of "Plastic Mould Industry base of National Torch Program" by Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC.


      Taizhou Plastic raw materials comsuption

      In 2014Taizhou City Plastic materials comsuption is about 6 million tons(which is about 10 percent of total comsuption in China).


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